Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Going Home

Here's a sneak peek at my upcoming picture book written by librarian Zarah Gagatiga ( . It's my first time partnering with her as an author and I am super glad I got to play around with the characters and the much-loved free space made possible by her light text content. A dilemma I face in my book design process is the amount of text in a page, considering that most of our country's books are bilingual (Filipino and English) for marketability reasons.

It was coincidental that this week we visited a new school location for our daughter and we kinda fell in love with the homey little play-school we ended up in. If there is one character in this image that i can relate to, is the two-tone dog waiting for a long time. I remember waiting for so long for my parents to pick me up in kindergarten.  :)


  1. Great work! It looks like it's going to be a beautiful book!

    1. one of the books that i am so looking forward to. :) so much freedom in the illos.