Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sa Tapat ng Tindahan ni Mang Teban (Painting Collection 2012)

Here are paintings from my latest book, Sa Tapat ng Tindahan ni Mang Teban, published in Manila by Lampara Books. I was teamed up with a writer named Joachim Antonio and the Filipino daily life - inspired funny story was well meshed with my banig painting style. Doing this book was fun. I got to play around with the exciting possibilities of how two people ceaselessly compete with each other, and input my own symbols and abstraction for visual metaphors.

Most of the pieces were sold early this year, but you may get in touch with me for some which are still available. Each comes with a free picture book for a fun read-along to a child, and introduce him/her to the appreciation of original works of art.