Saturday, January 24, 2015

New book cover sketches to final

The one and only onyok (in my efforts to give the best translation) is the story of an exceptional spider boxer named onyok.

Part of Philippine culture is to have spider fights on sticks. I had my share of this exciting hobby in my gradeschool days. I raided gardens in school or at home to catch my best fighters, which actually consisted half the fun. We kept them in matchboxes as their barracks.

Considering that I love the theme, coming up with the cover was extra difficult. I didnt want the spider to look mean as he is the hero of this story. Also avoided the spidey underbelly which looks freaky. After 2 color renditions, I came up with the final piece- simpler with less colors and clutter. I also wanted the font to look like it was like woven thread.

The book is written by eugene evasco, who i have worked with in several titles before. It will be published by lampara books this year, 2015. Hope to see this jump out of shelves soon!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Did sime fiddling with the brush shapes and behaviors and got to do this transitional piece. Still in the process of finding the best style that suits my paperless 2015. Meantime ill get some painting commissions done to keep my eyes of the screen. :)

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Posted via Blogaway