Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last Batch of School Visits for Children's book month 2013

As Children's book month came to a close, I did my last round of two schools in Manila. First stop was with the Jr. and Sr. kinder levels at Poveda College, where the kids were dressed up as their favorite children's book character. Amidst all the Disney princesses, i was glad to see one of them dressed as Mia of my book, The Amazing Hat (Adarna House 2003):

Special thanks to Powerbooks for setting up an awesome display of my books for the past 13 years in the industry. Signed over a hundred books in this school!

Next stop was at Xavier School, San Juan. With an older age range of grades 5 to 6, the topic was Foldabots and how I am inspired to create the characters. (More info on Foldabots at

Thank you to Powerbooks, Xavier school and Poveda College for the fun day. 

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