Saturday, April 20, 2013

My new T-rex figure

As promised, I am sharing my latest toy acquisition, a Schleich Tyrannosaurus, beautifully painted and detailed, with its articulated jaw which is a first in this line of figurines (

Happy to have this cheer me up especially in this period when my Father's in the hospital battling his cancer. Though i still force myself to illustrate while i am there, work has not been very easy for the past week. Dino toys were our (me and my dad's) steadily growing collection, and we already had a decent set of carnivores and herbivores from the Carnegie collection in the 90's. We kinda stopped doing that when i grew up, and just got back into it last week when i saw how Schleich is doing an awesome job with this series. It made my dad happy when i brought him this carnosaur in the hospital today.  

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